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11 Things Everyone Should Know About Condoms

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Condoms are essential for safe sex, but more than that, condoms are a necessary item in everyone's pleasure chests. Why do we know so little about them if that's the case?

This article will talk about when and where the first condom was invented and what facts everyone should know. 

When were condoms invented?

Evidence of practiced sex can be found as far back as the 1500s and took on the form of herb-soaked linen sheaths. Animal condoms were also popular and were made from animal intestines or bladders. You can still find a version of these condoms on the shelf today. They are used as a safe option for people who are allergic to latex and go by the name of Lambskin or natural condoms. 

The first rubber condom was made in 1855 and only covered the tip of the penis. It wasn't until 1869 that condoms covered the entire length of the penis. At the time, condoms were not widely used due to the stigma and high cost. 

Latex condoms arrived on the scene around the 1920s and quickly became the condom of choice. 

Although the first condoms were considerably different from those you can buy today, one thing is constant throughout no matter the type, size, or function, men still complain about wearing them!

Repeat after me, "No love, no glove!"

11 Important Facts Everyone Should Know about Condoms


  1. Protection against pregnancy and STDs. Condoms are the only form of contraception that gives effective protection against both pregnancy and STDs. 
  2. There is a right way and a wrong way. Most people think you can slap it on and call it good, but there is a right way to do this. Here is what to do:
  • Make sure the rim of the condom is on the outside. It should look like a little hat before being rolled on. 
  • Unroll it slightly to make sure it's not inside out. 
  • Pinch the tip of the condom and place it on the head of your erect penis
  • Unroll it down the entire shaft of your penis 
  1. Lube it up, baby! Using lube with your condom will not affect its durability as long as it is a water-based lubricant. Oil lubricants and petroleum-based products can react with the condom and cause the condom to break.
  2. Spice it up with some variety. Today, condoms come in a variety of ways. There are flavored condoms, condoms that glow in the dark, condoms coated on the inside with benzocaine to help you last longer, and even condoms with a built-in vibrator ring. 
  3. Check the use-by date. Yes, just like everything else these days, condoms have an expiration date. You might be tempted to ignore, but in doing so, you leave yourself open to a host of issues like expired latex that can cause a rash and broken-down material that leads to breakage during sex. 
  4. One size does not fit all. Size might not matter too much in the pleasure department, but it sure matters when it comes to what size condom you need, and no, one size does not fit all. When you are wearing a condom that is too big, you risk it slipping off while having sex and even getting trapped inside your partner. On the other hand, if your condom is too small, you risk it breaking, exposing you and your partner to potential STDs and a pregnancy scare. 
  • Small Condoms, also known as snug condoms, are best for penises or sex toys up to two inches wide and seven inches long. 
  • Standard Condoms are best for penises and toys two to two and a half inches in width and seven and a half inches in length. 
  • Large Condoms are best for penises and toys over two and a half inches wide and around nine inches long. 
  1. It's too tight! When you feel like your condom is too tight, it usually has nothing to do with the length of the condom but the snugness at the tip. This is because the tip of the penis has many nerve endings and can be a very sensitive spot for guys. If you find yourself with this complaint, try looking for condoms that state they are Ultra-sensitive or featherweight because the latex will be thinner. You can also look for condoms that have an enlarged-reservoir tip. 
  2. Latex Allergies. Most condoms today are made with latex, but there is a growing population of people developing latex allergies. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, try Lambskin condoms or the newer polyisoprene condoms made from polyurethane. 
  3. Female Condoms. Yes, they do exist and have existed for a long time. However, it doesn't have to only be up to the man to supply the condom. Women can whip one out as well. It's even recommended that both a female condom and a male condom be used simultaneously for maximum protection against STDs. Female condoms go inside the vagina and have a rim on the outside that covers the outer edges of the vulva. These condoms can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex and do not need to be removed immediately after sex. 
  4. I'm too big for condoms. No, you're not. Unless you are over nine inches long with a circumference of over eight inches, you are not too big for a condom. The average penis size is around five inches long and has a circumference of five inches or less. 
  5. I can't afford it. Condoms are one of the most inexpensive forms of birth control available. Most condoms come in packages of three to twelve and can range from 20¢ to $2.50 each. If you can't swing that cost, head to your local Planned Parenthood or health clinic to grab some free ones. 


When condoms were first mass-produced, they had to be sold on the black market because they were illegal and seen as sexually illicit goods. However, that changed in 1918 when a judge ruled that condoms were needed to help stop the spread of syphilis and gonorrhea. 

By the 1930s, 15 major condom manufacturers produced more than one million condoms a day. 

Today we can easily walk into any store, find the health and drug section and spot the condoms on the shelves. Sure, some of us still feel embarrassed bringing condoms to the register, and we feel like the checkout clerk is silently judging us, but that's nothing compared to what it used to be like. 

Companies have gotten creative over the years, offering a wide mix of lubricated, textured, flavored, and even spray-on condoms to meet all of your safe sex desires. In the United States, more than 450 condoms are sold each year. 

If you're on the fence about using condoms, we hope you'll give it more thought after reading this article. 

Condoms make the difference between living your life with a debilitating STD or being STD-free. 

If you want to know more about the things you can do to improve your sexual health check out After Sex Hygiene and The Benefits of Masturbation.

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