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The Benefits of Masturbation

The Benefits of Masturbation



It’s seen as taboo, as forbidden, but did you know there are actually health benefits to masturbation? Yes, that’s right. Masturbation is actually good for you. Not only is it a completely natural and safe way to explore your sexuality and your body, but it’s been proven that there are physical and psychological benefits to the activity.

In addition, studies support that, despite the myths, there are no physically harmful side effects of masturbating!

What are the benefits of Masturbation?

In 2009, two similar studies found that using a vibrator can actually increase desire, arousal, and sexual function. In the same study, it was also linked to increased lubrication in women and better erectile function in men.

Some research suggests that masturbation in men can reduce the likeliness of prostate cancer. But doctors are unsure as to why this may be.

Regular masturbation also aids in building up the muscles around your pelvis and anus. This can help with bowel movements and with the remaining continent.

As well as the physical benefits, masturbation can be a great way to learn about yourself sexually. For example, it can help you understand where you like being touched, which motions please you, and which don’t. Often, people watch pornography when they masturbate, which can also help determine which fetishes or kinks you might want to try in the bedroom.

Masturbating also allows you to be closer to your body. It provides the opportunity to really know how your body works, looks, and feels. This aspect can be essential, as it means that if something were to change within your sexual organs, you’d be much more likely to notice.

For example, indicating if your breast changed density or you found a lump within one of your testicles, you’d see much sooner than someone who perhaps was unfamiliar with their bodies. This advantage could make the difference between finding something malicious in time to stop it.

Research also shows that masturbating can help to:

  • relieve stress
  • improve sleep
  • boost your mood
  • relax
  • relieve cramps
  • better understand your wants and needs
  • improve your sex

Additionally, masturbating is likely to help you create a healthy relationship with sex and sexuality. You are likely to feel more comfortable asking for things in the bedroom and know what you want regarding sexual experiences.

Where to start

If you’ve not really masturbated before, then it’s worth exploring with just your hands to start with. But, if you’d like to explore more and try out some adult sex toys, there is plenty to help you out.

Why not try our favorites?

Play: Solo Vibrator

This fantastic vibrator replicates the feeling of receiving oral. It works in two places at once to help you reach that all-important climax.

Play: Four Wand Massager

This easy-to-use vibrator is excellent for simple fun. It’s self-explanatory and great for anyone who loves external stimulation.

Sex toys aren’t just for masturbation, though! Remember that these toys can supplement your sex life with your partner or partners, too. There’s no such thing as too much of a thrill, after all.


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