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11 Different Types of Orgasms and How to Achieve Them

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We all know about the big O, but did you know there are different types of orgasms to be had? 

66% of men will reach an orgasm, while only 43% of women do. Even worse, 1 in 20 women have never orgasmed once with a sexual partner. 

The pressure to orgasm can often lead to a lack thereof, but so can a lack of knowledge. Let's take a closer look at what an orgasm is and how it can be achieved. 

What is an orgasm?

Medically speaking, an orgasm is a series of muscle contractions in the body's pelvic region during the height of sexual pleasure. 

An orgasm usually entails:

  • A wave of muscular contractions
  • Sounds of pleasure, both verbal and auditory
  • An increased heart rate with more intense breathing
  • A release of built-up tension but physically and mentally

Did you know that orgasm can be induced by directly stimulating core muscles, emotions, and dreams? 

Click here to learn more about erogenous zones. 

11 Types of Orgasms and How to Achieve Them

Below are ten types of orgasms our bodies are capable of.

  1. Anal Orgasms 

This occurs when the anus or ass hole has been stimulated. The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that can bring on a wave of pleasurable contractions when aroused. 

How To Achieve: Anal orgasms can be felt by all sexes. To bring on an anal orgasm, try penetration of either a penis or sex toy. Don't forget to use plenty of lube!

  1. Blended Orgasms

A blended orgasm is a mix of orgasms from different erogenous zones. 

How to Achieve: Blended orgasms can be achieved by all sexes through sexual play of multiple erogenous zones. For example, a woman can have a blended orgasm when her partner stimulates her clit while penetrating her vaginally. Likewise, a man can have a blended orgasm when his partner stimulates his penis while penetrating him anally.  

  1. Cervical Orgasms 

The cervix is located at the end of the vaginal canal. For some women, the cervix is an erogenous zone that can bring on a cervical orgasm when stimulated. However, that is not the case for every woman. When trying cervical play, make sure the woman is ok with it and that she is not experiencing any pain.  

How to Achieve: Stimulate the cervix gently with your fingers in a circular motion or put light pressure on it with a vibrator. Very few women enjoy cervical play through hard penetration.  

  1. Clitoral Orgasms

This occurs when the clit is rubbed in a motion that causes direct stimulation. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, whether during solo play with vibrators or suction toys or through sex with a partner. 

How to Achieve: Every woman likes it rubbed in a different pattern at different speeds. Find what works and be consistent. You can stimulate the clit using your hand, mouth or sexual toy. 

  1. Coregasms 

Coregasms happen when our pelvic floor muscles are engaged. If you've even become aroused while at the gym, now you know why. To learn more about how sex and calories combine, check out Calorie Counting in the Bedroom: Does Sex Really Burn Calories?

How to Achieve: Coregasms can be achieved through intense core workouts like crunches or hip and leg lifts.

  1. G-Spot Orgasms

Your G-Spot can be found on the front wall of your vagina about halfway between the opening and the cervix. It feels like a small fleshy bump that is slightly ridged or spongy. When aroused, the bump will swell slightly, and eventually, a deeply intense climax that feels like it is coming from your core will sweep over you. 

How to Achieve: Either you or your partner can insert two fingertips inside the vagina. Move around the anterior wall until you feel a small, raised bump. Stimulate the spot with your hands through penetration or vibration. 

  1. Nipple Orgasms 

Nipple orgasms can be felt by all sexes and are known to be an intense erogenous zone.

How to Achieve: You can stimulate your nipples through touch or tongue play. Light kneading of the breasts and sucking on the nipple is a great way to bring on a nipple orgasm.  

  1. Penis Orgasms 

This occurs when the penis has been stimulated to the point of ejaculation.

How to Achieve: There are many ways to stimulate a penis, but the most widely used is a stimulating hand job or blow job. You can also achieve an orgasm while penetrating your partner. 

  1. Prostate Orgasm 

This occurs when the prostate gland is stimulated. Anyone with a prostate gland can achieve this orgasm. This method is often used in medical facilities when a man has difficulty ejaculating on his own. 

How to Achieve: The prostate is located inside the anus and can be stimulated by touch or penetration. For a more intense orgasm, have your partner stimulate your prostate while sucking you off. 

  1. Sleep Orgasms

Sleep orgasms or wet dreams happen when your body is in a deeply relaxed state. If your dream becomes erotic, it can trigger an orgasm in real life without you having any control over it. 

How to Achieve: Before falling asleep, think about things that normally turn you on. Role-play a sexy scene in your mind or focus on a sexual fantasy you've always wanted to have. 

  1. Vaginal Orgasms

This occurs when the vagina is penetrated at a stimulating rhythm either by a penis, hand, or penetrating sex toy. 

How to Achieve: Like Penile Orgasms, vaginal orgasms can be achieved in many ways, like through touch or penetration. For a greater chance at achieving vaginal orgasms go heavy on the foreplay beforehand and try finishing in the doggy position. 

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