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Using the five senses to set the mood

notice your senses on board stick in  lavender

When it comes to passion and play for couples, it’s not just a matter of keeping things fresh and switching things up, whether that’s sex toys or the imagination of roleplaying. It’s also about unlocking the depths of romance through sensuality, which is where this article comes in. We’re going to give you some guidance on how to use each of the five senses to liven up your bedroom. 



For this one the solution is one that is tried and tested, instead of overloading your sight, you go in the opposite direction. A soft silky blindfold can be a great way of not only deepening your trust, but also of accentuating all the other senses, and any pleasure that your hands or a luxury wand vibrator can arouse. 



This one is all about the mood music, and for that, you can go in one of two directions. You can either fade it into the background with some soft jazz or slow ambient to set a gentle pulse, or you can go with something personal to your relationship. Highlighting shared memories and evoking love and fondness. 



A tricky one, and one you certainly wouldn’t want to get wrong. But scented candles can be a great way to bring in some soft and pleasing aromas, as well as being a great romantic accent to really set the mood. 



Not for everyone, but food in the bedroom can be a tremendous aphrodisiac if done right. With careful planning, the soft and sweet melt in your mouth of a chocolate strawberry can be a real scene setter. 



The last and most important, in order to truly achieve the pleasure you both crave every touch needs to count. Whether it’s finding that spot on their body you know gets them going, and working it over with a luxury wand vibrator, or a deep massage to get things going. If you'd like to play with temperatures you can also use ice cubes to get things exciting as well as heat (like a candle made with natural ingredients you may pour on the body). 


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