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3 Dating Trends You Need to Know About For 2022

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Since the beginning of time, dating has never been easy, and understanding the latest dating trends is even worse. 

After 2020 and the pandemic hit, the dating world changed significantly, leaving us feeling like a fish out of water. 

Just like in our day-to-day lives, we are all walking around a bit shell-shocked, trying to navigate our way back to a new normal. None of us really know what to expect anymore. 

Dating apps like Plenty of Fish, Bumble, and Tinder have polled their vast amount of users and have come up with the latest trends in dating. 

What are dating trends?

Dating trends are common actions or terms that people currently use out in the dating world. Thanks to the many dating apps in existence, we now have ways to track the most popular dating trends for any given year and predict what will be the new "norm."


What is Dry Dating?

Dry Dating is when you purposely look for someone who drinks little to no alcohol and go on dates involving alcohol-free activities. 

Before the pandemic, going out for drinks was a typical date night scenario in any given city.

During the pandemic, our alcohol consumption hit an all-time high. As a result, when lockdown hit, many local liquor stores saw a rush in purchases. They had shortages long before the supply chain was interrupted. 

Over time, we realized that the level of consumption we were at just wasn't healthy, and many left the pandemic on a slightly more sober path. 

25% of people state they are drinking less, while 34% of people using Bumble noted that they are more likely to look for a match to go on dry dates with. 

The benefit of dry dating is that you give yourself the ability to properly gauge how well you are interacting with each other, leading to more meaningful connections. 

Click here to get tips on how to build a sex-positive relationship. 

What is Hesidating?

Hesidating is a feeling of indifference about dating in general or being unsure about starting anything serious due to the general uncertainty of the world today. 

Between being stuck with our partners during the pandemic and learning what a narcissist is on Tik Tok, we are all a bit hesitant to get back out there. 

70% of singles are unsure about their relationship status and whether they want something serious or casual.

When someone is a hesidater, they might seem like they aren't that interested in you. As a result, they might avoid being vulnerable or not participating much in the relationship. On the flip side, they could also bombard you with questions, have too many unrealistic expectations, or be too critical.  

If you think you might be the hesidater, ask yourself if you're fully invested in the relationship. If you find you aren't, ask yourself why. 

Sometimes it's not the right time to date; if that's the case for you but you have "needs" {wink wink}, come check out Solo, our G-spot stimulator!


What is Duking?

Duking is where you get caught up in a drama-filled whirlwind of a romance, much like in the wildly popular Netflix series Bridgeton.  

If you find yourself in this type of relationship, buckle up because you are in for a bumpy ride. 

Typically, this type of relationship has moments of extreme highs and moments of extreme lows and can flip between the two in a blink of an eye. Highly dramatic relationships like this tend to start fast and feel strong but usually fizzle out or end horribly. 

Think this type of situation happens only in the movies? Think again. 46% of singles know someone who has hopped on this trend

If you want to spice things up even further, check out our Love Egg, a remote-controlled vibrator for you and your partner to enjoy. 


Whether you find yourself looking for more dry dating options, dealing with a hesidater, or in a duking whirlwind, know that dating will always be a minefield of new terms and situations to navigate. Don't let it overwhelm you. Whether romantically or not, making meaningful connections is what life is all about.

SAFETY FIRST: Helping Survivors is an advocacy center dedicated to people who are survivors of the trauma caused from sexual abuse and assault. They are putting together the most comprehensive list of resources for victims, including things like Tips for Online Safety Dating and more. Online dating is becoming more and more popular, and it's a great way to meet others, but there are inherent dangers to be aware of.

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Interested in more dating tips, here you will find the best summer date ideas!


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SAFETY FIRST: Helping Survivors is an advocacy center dedicated to people who are survivors of the trauma caused from sexual abuse and assault. They are putting together the most comprehensive list of resources for victims, including things like Tips for Online Safety Dating and more. Online dating is becoming more and more popular, and it's a great way to meet others, but there are inherent dangers to be aware of.


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