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15 Summer Date Ideas That are Far from Boring

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Whether you are a serial dater or new to the dating scene having a stash of grade-a date ideas is just what you need to breath new life into your dating game. 

First Date Ideas Perfect for Summer

Having a first date in the summer offers you a lot of choices that are both inexpensive and simple. When it comes to the first date, remember to keep it casual and pick an activity or place where you will have the opportunity to talk because first dates are all about getting to know each other better. 

Head Out to the Fair 

Summertime is filled with both state and county fairs and there is always a lot of fun things to do. If rides  aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can spend the time walking up and down the thoroughfares looking at all the interesting booths and 4H animal stalls, while you eat all the yummy fair food. Some fairs will also have nightly concerts with popular artists and even end the night with a fireworks display. To find out when and where there will be a fair near you, check out TravelAwaits list of State Fairs in 2022. 

U-pick Farms

U-pick farms are the hot new trendy way to spend a summers day picking your produce, fruit or flowers while feeling like you are supporting the local economy. There are many types of u-pick farms to choose from and they are popping up all over the US. Some u-pick farms also offer other fun attractions like mazes, hayrides, farm animals and photo ops. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, connect with nature and support your local community. Check out this U-pick Farm Locator to find one near you. 

Drive in Movie

Once upon a time the drive-in movies were the place to go for a hot date. While most drive-ins have been torn down or abandoned there are still a few gems here and there. Google “ drive-in theatre near me” to find one closest to you. 


Adventurous Date Ideas

There’s nothing like an adventurous date to wow the one you’re trying to impress. However, adventurous can mean different things to different people. Check out these not so common adventurous date ideas below. 

Go see a Fortune Teller or Palm Reader

There is nothing as mystical and enticing as someone who claims they can give you a glimpse of your future. It doesn’t matter if you are a true believe or a firm skeptic, getting your palm read and your fortune told is always a fun time. 

Go Geocaching

If you want to be adventurous on a budget and need to stay local, check out Geocaching. Through Geocaching, you can sifting through clues, hunt for hidden objects, and let your phone lead you to places you’ve never been. It’s basically one big global treasure hunt! 

Check out a local haunted spot

I don’t know about you, but nothing gets me as equally scared and excited as checking out a local haunted spot in the dark. Even better, look to see if there are any local haunted tours to take part in. 


Date Ideas for the Competitive Type

For those of us who can’t help but compete, competitive dates are a fun way to spend some quality time together. 

Garage Sale Winner

Ok. Normally going to a garage sale or swap meet isn’t seen as a competitive activity but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! Try this out for a little healthy competition:

  • Head to a garage sale or swap meet with your date. Decide how much you both can spend and how long you can take to find whatever item fits the theme you chose. Whomever gets the best item within the set spending limit and timeframe, wins. Once the rules are laid down head off on your separate ways and may the best picker win. 
  • Some themes you could try are:
    • The best deal (The item that cost the least but is selling for the most on eBay)
    • The weirdest Item
    • The most shocking item (think adult related)
    • The ugliest or grossest item (think human teeth or a particularly bad taxidermy)

Head to the Arcade

Just because we are no longer kids doesn’t mean we can’t still be a kid at heart. Taking your date to the arcade for some healthy competition is always a good time. Whether it’s a friendly game of air-hockey, basketball hoops, or Skee-ball you’ll gladly drop a small fortune while having fun playing some of your favorite childhood games with your current love. 


Ok. Hear me out. Volunteering isn’t a competitive past time BUT it can lead to a dose of healthy competition that benefits the local community. If you and your partner find you enjoy giving back, make a friendly competition out of it. See who can come up with the most interesting or impactful volunteering opportunity. It’s a great date idea that gives back in so many ways. To find a cause that speaks to you, check out 


Date Ideas for Music/Art Lovers

There’s just something about catching a concert or show outside on a warm summer evening that is so magical and makes for some great memories. 

Attend a music festival

There’s nothing like hanging out outside on a warm summer afternoon catching an awesome concert or show. To find a music festival near you for 2022 check out’s list of music festivals.  

Head to Your Nearest Botanical Garden

I know, it sounds an activity for people who are entering their “golden years”, but  green spaces, exotic plants and fancy landscapes are actually trendy right now. Besides, you’d be surprised at how romantic a lush botanical garden can be. Don’t knock it before you try it! 

Catch a Theatre Show in the Park

For theatre buffs and artsy folks in general, catching a community theatre show in the summer is a great way to soak up the arts while having a good time. Google “Outdoor Theatre Shows Near Me” to find out what shows are available and where you can see them. 


Romantic Date Ideas

You don’t have to go all out and spend a ton of money to have a romantic date. Check out these low-cost ideas that are sure to set the mood between the two of you. 

Dancing In the rain

This one relies more on chance and the ability to be spontaneous. The next time you find yourself in a summer rainstorm, bring your love outside, pull them close and just slow dance as the warm summer rain drenches your body. Trust me, you wont regret it. Just watch out for lightening! Remember: if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

Bucket List of Date Ideas

Go out to your favorite restaurant or cook your favorite meal at home. Sit down and think about all the different things you would both like to do this summer. Then make a bucket list with the things you’re most excited about. Turn those things into date ideas! This will help you better connect with your partner, learn what fun things they are hoping to do this summer, and create a list of great ideas to pull from for date night.  

Play Hooky Together

We all need a day where we can play hooky from our responsibilities. What better way than to make a date day out of it. You can plan ahead or be spontaneous about this. Find a day where you can both safely play hooky from work and head out on the town together. Go to that cool café you’ve been wanting to try, catch a movie matinee, take a stroll through the park, and grab a couple scoops of ice cream.  There is so many things you can do! (Think Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) End the day wrapped in each other’s arm watching the sun set.

Dating isn’t just for the young and it doesn’t have to consist of the typical dinner and drinks, or dinner and a movie. The key to a fun relationship is to never stop dating each other. If you’re looking to impress someone, try one of these creative ideas that are perfect for the summer. 

And for winter, it's recommended to have a simple Netflix and chill date.

Check out “Don’t Forget Foreplay” and “Creative Ways to Use a Sex Toy With Your Partner” to learn more creative ways to impress your partner. 

To spice things up in the bedroom try out a toy from our play collection. 

 If you have not met yet a sweetie to go on dates with, check out dating trends to score a date using the tools listed here: 3 Dating Trends You Need to know About. 



I did not use any resources for this article. This article came entirely from my mind and ideas.


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