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"The Talk" on Self Pleasure

"The Talk" on Self Pleasure

The coming of age is a sacred and magical moment in time. It’s a time that should be honored as a right of passage by the tribe.
Yet, for many, it’s a lonely and awkward experience with little to no guidance from peers, siblings, family and or community. We typically experience puberty alone and in secrecy.

As we develop, our fingers and hands quite naturally begin to explore regions and crevices on/in our bodies. We seek out acute pleasure points. These are our first experiences of self love. But all of this new and exploding excitement of energy has a looming, hard baked shadow of darkness.
In an effort to pleasure ourselves, we seek to find spaces of privacy. Yet, in a crowded world, we find ourselves perplexed to discover limited space teamed with cultural taboos around the subject of masturbation.
To our chagrin, we see that our culture has developed a deep history of shaming the practice of self love.

But why? Who in the world is it hurting? Wouldn’t practice have a host of benefits? 

In reality, the teen years (and beyond) are riddled with long showers and locked bathroom doors. This is typically performed at a rushed pace to wank it out as quickly as possible before a family member starts banging on the door demanding the time is up. Countless many are left defeated, deflated with a pent up energy force- that at times, is still a loaded weapon about to burst.

Something is awry. The magic of the human body should be explored to no end. Like a voyager, or discoverer of new frontiers, self love should be cherished and celebrated, encouraging prolonged performances.
This is the beginning journey of truly getting to understand your adult self, and your simultaneous connectivity of mind and body. It cannot be rushed!
Yet, we are culturally robbed of our evolution into puberty. The danger is that this can begin to fuse a pattern of repetition in feeling the need to rush the experience of sex or self pleasure each and every time. For many, this pattern carries on for an entire lifetime.

Look at our culture today. We typically would never announce our needs of self pleasure in the same way we express our Need to eat lunch. We feel sorry for the singles in the world that don’t have partners, therefore, they may not be getting pleasured properly. Heaven fore bid if our parents and or grandparents are found beating the meat. And we clearly don’t want our young daughters and sons to be doing promiscuous deeds under sticky sheets... But hold the press! Let’s take a large step back.

It is said that if you can’t love yourself first, then you can never learn to love others. I believe this to be true both mentally and physically.

The process of learning to love yourself first needs to begin with understanding how every part of your body ticks. The cerebral channels then need to align in unison with human touch to allow the magic to begin. For the masters, no physical touch is required at all. For example, a wet dream occurs in the middle of the night, with no hands in play.
You ask, “Where do we go from here?”

The good news. Today, change happens at a faster pace than before.
Hand held devices were vanguard a couple years back. Today, the majority rules.

Let us begin to shape conversations in open about our successes in self pleasure. Discussions amongst peers and groups. Pandora’s box is about to open. Many are discovering through verbal chats that there are masters, coaches, seniors, zen artists that have experienced the limitless route to euphoria. Time can be bent, stalled and dimensions can be infinite, through correct breathwork teamed by orgasm.

I’m passionate about possibility. Let us unite together, be voyagers, armed with new tools to navigate our way to frontiers of pure bliss.
Stroke away! And do it with pride!


- Brady 


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